Drive Hammered. Get Slammered.

drinking and driving

the effects of alcohol on your driving

  • Slows brain functions so that you can’t respond to situations, make decisions or react quickly.
  • Reduces your ability to judge how fast you are moving or your distance from other cars, people or objects.
  • Gives you false confidence - you may take greater risks because you think your driving is better than it really is.
  • Makes it harder to do more than one thing – while you concentrate on steering, you could miss seeing traffic lights, cars entering from side streets or pedestrians.
  • Affects your sense of balance - very important if you ride a motorcycle.
  • Makes you sleepy.
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this is what happens to people who drive drunk.


every 15 minutes someone gets into an accident from drunk driving

alcohol is a suppressant, so it lowers your'e ability to drive by bluring your'e vision and making what you see slowed

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