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"I love little dogs, but chick fil a has my heart" - Carly Jackson

Tim Hetherington

Date of birth - December 5, 1970. Death - April 20, 2011 He was a British photojournalist. He produced books, films and other work he is pictured using a wide range of cameras; video, viewfinder, Canon, Nikon and a Leica. He took a lot of war photos that was really his main thing. World press photo of the year - 2008 and many more. Well from all the awards he has won he is a very great photographer from his simple pictures to the great detailed war pictures that he has captured. Quotes. Brotherhood means laying down your life for somebody, really willing to sacrifice yourself for somebody else. As journalists, because you don't carry a gun, you sort of become this observer

Camera Operations

To operate the camera in photojournalism, to turn it on or off you switch the circular button at the top. To place batteries in and out you flip your camera upside down and theres a plastic cover over them, take your finger, press down and the hatch will open. Also to put in your SD card it is in the same place as the batteries just a little slot. To change the image size on the camera you just zoom in or out which is located right by the on or off button the zoom has a little thing popping out to help. And to change the time and date ect. you go to the settings which is located on the circular button next to the screen.

Written Reflection

Photojournalism was great, by far my best class I've had this year. My experience was awesome to be honest. I learned many things to help me with a camera, and even help me make my pictures 10 times better by using a element or maybe even many to just make my picture all around great. This class i will remember forever, from the great things I've learned to the great people i have met and now am friends with. Photojournalism will be recommened from me to my friends because we never didn't have a bad time in this class. Always fun, learning experiences, and if i could trade it for any other classes i would. Going to miss you Mrs. Bradberry! Teacher of the year goes to you, 110%!
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