The Odyssey

Books 1&2

Odysseus War and Journey home.

Odysseus went to the Trojan war, the war took 10 years before it ended. When Odysseus was coming home Poseidon didnt want him home yet, so he makes it hard for Odysseus to get home. Odysseus blinded Poseidon's son this made him very angry, Odysseus crew and him were forced to eat cattle of the sun and his crew dies. Now Odysseus is stuck on calypso's island and cant get off.

Odysseus hasn't returned. Suitors want Tele's land and his mom. Athena helps Tele

Odysseus has not returned home yet, he is captured by calypso. Suitors want Tele's land and they want to marry his mother. The suitors have been eating their food and taking whatever they want and Tele needs to put a stop to it. Athena dresses up as mentor to go talk to Tele to try to help him, and tell him to go find out about his dad.

Athena Helps Tele give a speech. And helps him set off on his journey.

Athena Helping Tele.

Athena gives Tele the power to be strong and help him give his speech. While tele gives his speech a suitor(Anti) disagrees with Tele and tells him what his mom has been doing. Once the Speech is over Athena gives tele a boat and a crew and goes with him on his journey to find out about his father.