Primary Team PLC Agenda

February 3, 2016

This Week's Topic

NWEA Data Analysis and Instructional Resources


Amazing close reading lesson in Dillard's 5th grade classroom!

This Week's Objective

I can analyze my students' NWEA data and identify appropriate skills checklists to address their needs.

Instructional Strategy or Plan

  1. Skills Checklists: What are they?
  2. What skills are available to test?
  3. How do I assign a skills checklist?
  4. What reports are available for skills checklists?
  5. Sample test
  6. Discussion: How can these be incorporated into classroom instruction?

Check for Understanding: Got It! Need It!

Next Steps...

February 10: Phonics, Guided Reading, Independent Reading, Close Reading


Assign a skills checklist to students. Give it a try and report back next week on how it went!