The CISS Process

@ Bear Creek Middle School

What is CISS?

CISS is the acronym for Characteristics Identification for Screening Students.

What do you do as a homeroom teacher?

- Record student names on the CISS checklist

- Observed your non-TAG students over a period of two weeks

- Check off any areas that you have observed the child CONSISTENTLY displaying in a SUPERIOR way.

This Form is Confidential. Please do not send it with a student.

Please turn in all forms to Jameda Owens. If you need any assistance, please see Jameda for assistance or email her at
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CISS Descriptors

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The Four Major CISS Descriptors! (Look for these)

& Inquiry

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One More Time...For the Road: The Process

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Forms are attached to this email and are due May 17th.

If you have ANY questions regarding descriptors, students who may show "borderline" characteristics, or anything else, please contact me at or find me in Room 917.