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Spring 2016

Literacy Connections

Somehow it's May! How did that happen? I hope you're enjoying the (somewhat) warmer weather and are finding time to get outside and enjoy the new buds and blooms.

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Why We Need to See Each Other Teach

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to do some work with both Kindergarten and First grades around guided observation. There is so much power in watching our peers at work and this blog post outlines why we need to keep doing it (with a special thank you to administrators for helping/continuing to make it happen).

Grades K-2

Levels are tricky... and not always what they seem! This short, invaluable blog post about how the levels provided by publishers and/or leveling apps and websites aren't always what they seem. A must read for all K-2 teachers!
Kate and Maggie Roberts' new book, DIY Literacy is chocked full of amazing resources to help scaffold reading and writing strategies for all learners. The crux of their book is the Demonstration Notebook (I'll be making one of my own to share) and on their blog, the authors share different ways to utilize this powerful tool with students. Below is an example, but visit their site for other episodes (they add new ones weekly).

(If you're a K-2 teacher reading this - I am working on a Demonstration Notebook for K-2 as well...)

DIY Literacy Video Series Episode 3

Book Buzz