dream earth

and hopelly the new earth

little things

You know that landfill that all your trash goes in, well the little things you do now can help to reduce the amount of trash that goes in that landfill, and to make the earth a better and cleaner place.

Huge problems and little solutions


There are a lot of problems on earth, and one is all the trash piling up in landfills. Now we cut down trees for a lot of things like paper, but most of that paper you use in class can still be used but instead is thrown away. Even when you're typing you can still produce trash by not using single spacing to reduce the amount of paper you use. One of the last problems I've realized is that every day things that can be reused are thrown away and burned incineraters.

little solutions

We can save paper by using both sides of a piece of paper, and by recycling a single ton of paper you can save 17 trees. When you are typing you can use single spacing to reduce the amount of paper being used. Lastly when you pack your lunch instead of bringing a paper bag bring a reusable container.