*A peak inside the classroom....

What are we learning?

We have begun our Digits curriculum and are discovering the world of Algebra. Our math now has "letters" in it and we are figuring out what that means and how we can use variables in everyday life to describe real-life situations.

*What are variables, and how do we use them?

Science: We are beginning our Rocks and Minerals Unit where students will dig deep into the importance of minerals and the properties of Rocks.

*What are minerals?

Language Arts: We are learning about animal intelligence in Collection 2, with a focus on summarizing central ideas and import details and determine the author's purpose.

*What is the main idea/central idea of "The Mixer" and "How Smart Are Animals?
*What are the major details of "The Mixer" and "How Smart Are Animals"?

Social Studies: We are studying and learning map reading skills with a focus on latitude and latitude. We will begin a study of the early civilization of Mesopotamia as well.

*How has the early civilization of Mesopotamia impacted later civilizations?

Upcoming Events

No School for students on November 3, 2015.

November 13th Student Council Dance 8th & 9th periods.

Family Night: November 17th @ Litchfield 5pm-7pm.

Interim pick-ups December 3, 2015 3:15-7:15

Winter MAP beings December 7-December 18, 2015.

NECK-WEAR THURSDAY: Wear a neck tie, scarf, or bow tie! Every Thursday!

General Reminders

We are still noticing that some students are coming to class without the tools of a learner. Lets make sure that we are coming to each class prepared!

1. Pencils and pens

2. Paper

3. Planner

4. Subject Folder

5. Good Attitude

Personal discipline leads to personal success!

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Do Everything With Excellence!