Digital Coaches' Corner

Issue 7 11/20/2015

Classroom Spotlight: Mrs. Herkert's 7th Grade Geography Class

The students in Mrs. Herkert's geography class watch CNN New to keep up with current events. After watching the news reports they decided to create their own IMS News from Illini Middle School. They have reports on bullying, teacher contracts, sports, roll call, peer partners, lunch and Cows. Click here Check out the first IMS News report. It was very impressive to see the students in Mrs. Herkert's room work on this report. They were each assigned to a group and they all seemed to take ownership in the project. This is a great example of student led instruction. The students decided on what reports to include, came up with a plan, filmed the report, edited and published their own first news cast. I can't wait to see more reports in the future. Great work IMS News Team!