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Week of September 7, 2015

Our Vision

The Lincoln/Wilmer-Hutchins Feeder Pattern prepares scholars to lead, think, communicate and compete as responsible citizens who are college and career bound.

Mike Schmoker, in his book, Focus, states, "What we teach- a guaranteed and viable curriculum- matters immensely. Curriculum may be the singe largest factor that affects learning outcomes in a school." Many of you brought teachers in early this summer to ensure that the standards were agreed upon. Now, teachers need time to develop lessons, appropriate texts, good questions and prompts with "ample amounts of reading, discussing and writing," according to Schmoker.

This week, as I visited classrooms, I did see evidence of grade-level teachers teaching common standards. There is still work to be done regarding developing effective lessons. My question to each of you is, "When do teachers have time to plan and develop effective lessons on a weekly basis?" Prior to teachers standing in front of students, they should have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and ICs around effective questions, lesson activities, appropriate texts and other resources to ensure that students are engaged with "ample amounts of reading, discussing and writing."

One school has decided to use the 90 minute, weekly PD time for vertical team planning. Teachers break out into grade level teams and the experts (Principals,ICs, APs, AFs)rotate through the groups to provide feedback or suggest resources.

Please do not leave this to chance. As a leader, ensure that this time is provided for teachers. Your involvement becomes evident when, during spot observations, the administrators are aware of what should be going on in a teacher's lesson because they have been involved in the planning.

Curriculum alignment means a connection between the written, taught and tested curriculum. Have your teachers seen how the curriculum will be tested? Have they studied the written standard? Have they collaborated on how the standard should be taught? As a leader, you should be able to answer those questions and so should your teachers. Are we there yet?

PLC Excellence at Rhoads

Kudos go out to each of the schools who started their PLC cycle this week. I observed several PLCs, and was pleased with the efforts to establish norms and clear expectations for the purpose and intended outcome of each cycle of your PLC. A special commendation goes to Latoya and her Leadership Team at Rhoads. The PLC cycle this week was "Thinking Through the Lesson Plan," but teachers had presented the principal with questions regarding how to write the "essential question" which was embedded in the lesson plan template. The principal's response to that request was a well-planned PLC which included a Lesson Objective, MRS strategies, opportunities to collaborate and time to practice writing essential questions as the DOL. The team did a great job of engaging the teachers in the learning, and I fully expect to hear higher order questions that engage students in critical thinking at Rhoads!

Balanced Literacy

We are moving towards the halfway mark for our first six weeks of school, and our students are becoming stronger readers and writers everyday because of our expectation that students read and write daily. In visiting this week, I saw balanced literacy schedules posted outside of nearly every teacher's classroom door at the elementary level. Please support teachers as they use their istation data to move students into their guided reading groups. Celebrate those teachers who make the effort and work with your ICs to identify those teachers who need further support. I am most pleased with how teachers are really trying to utilize the writer's workshop structure to get organized to write.

At the secondary level, we should have made decisions with the teachers regarding which days to focus on the writer's workshop and which days to focus on literature with the understanding that each day, students will read and write. If you have not had this discussion, then your teachers may be struggling with how to get it all done within a 45 minute block.

I look forward to seeing the literacy tasks with evidence of critical thinking during the last part of this six weeks. Please be prepared to bring samples to our feeder meeting in September.

As you can see from the picture below, Rice is Ready for the Literacy Task! Nice job Alpher!

Big image

Rice is Ready for the Literacy Task!

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Leadership Framework

The Leadership Framework is used as a tool to guide our work as well as the coaching cycle that I follow within a 6 weeks period. The goal is to begin progress on each of the targets listed within the given six weeks with the understanding that each day, our systems will become better established towards proficiency. Please take a minute to review the Leadership Framework to decide what further work needs to be done at your campus to move closer to our goals.

Principal's Focus Group

This year, I have asked Tamika and Chanel to represent the Feeder at the monthly districtwide Principal Focus Group meetings. If you have questions or solutions that you would like them to pose, please contact them prior to their meetings which are typically at the beginning of each month. They will email their notes from the meetings and/or upload the notes to the Feeder Collaborative google site. Thanks for your leadership ladies!

On the Horizon

. Aug. 31-Sept. 25-ISIP Reading Inventory (BOY)-Grades K-2

· Sept. 3, 9, or 11-Principals’ Schoolnet Training

· September 7-Labor Day Holiday

· September 9-Start of School Enrollment Call-in Date

· Sept. 9 or 10-SST/ RtI Trng. for Div. 5 Asst. Principals-Tentative

· September 11-Division 5 Data Meeting – All Schools

. September 11- NEW TEACHER SUPPORT PLAN & IC COACHING CYCLE DUE (upload in google)

· September 11-CEOP due to Emergency Op. & Division 5

. September 11 New Teacher Support and IC Coaching Cycle uploaded

· September 14-Assistant Principal Focus Group Meeting

· Sept. 15-Oct. 15-Hispanic Heritage Month

· September 14- Monthly Districtwide Principals’ Meeting

· September 23-Districtwide College Fair-Ellis Davis

· September 23 & 24-Safety Coordinators’ Mandatory Trng.

· September 25- Feeder Pattern Meetings

· Sept. 28-Oct. 8-Initial Elementary G/T Testing-Grades 1st-5th

· September 29-ACT School Day Program-Grade 12

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