Box Jellyfish

by Katherine D 3D

The box jellyfish is Australian fish

The scientific name for the box jellyfish is Chironex. The spieces is Irukandji box jellyfish. The box jellyfish is very big. They are blue and white but in the water they are invisible. They live in coastal waters, rivers and creeks. They eat shrimp, plankton and other jellyfish. Predators to box jellyfish are sea turtles. The threats are ocean sunfish and leatherback turtles.

Box jellyfish swim themselves but other jellyfish just drift in the current.

Each baby jellyfish is called a floating medusa. Box jellyfish live for 2 - 6 months, a box jellyfish can kill a human in three minutes and there has been 70 deaths in Australia from box jellyfish.

Box jellyfish are dangerous to humans