Ancient Greek Culture

How Ancient Greek Gods are park of our culture today?

How it started...

When people had nothing to do they told stories. These stories were used to entertain people and to amuse them with their creativity. They began to tell stories about ancient gods and goddess. As they were being retold, more information was added and they were being passed one from generation to generation. In our society, because of this now we have what we call Ancient Greek culture and how the gods and goddess have impacted our and the Ancient Greek culture

How have the gods and goddess impact the Ancient Greek culture?

The Ancient Greek culture has been highly affected and impacted by the gods and goddess and these are the reasons on why the Ancient Greek culture has been affected

  • The mistakes they make- for example- the family tree. The family tree has shown the mistakes in making a family and because gods and goddess have done this people in the past and future think that it is right to mess with your family tree.
  • The beliefs-for example- people don't know what to believe. There has been so many different gods and goddess that people don't know what to believe in and what not believe in and in result of that people have become gullible.

To sum it up!

Even though the Ancient Greek culture has impacted the Greek gods and goddess we still have our very creative for entertainment and as whole I don't know what I would have done without the Ancient Greek culture and gods and goddess because even though they have their flaws we still have it very far today.

Nima Patel