The Slopes Of War


The Slopes Of War

The book Slopes of War explains the characters points of view instead of based on history. It also explains deeper, and smaller details. The book also explained the emotions of soldiers, citizens and how they felt about the war. This book was a love story with little gore. However, I honestly recommend reading the book.

The Gettysburg Website

The Gettysburg Website explained very little information. It was vague and actually somewhat boring to read. The information that the website gave, the book did too but in deeper details. It also told us what the cause of the battle was. The website only told us the major details and not the little ones to keep you interested.

The Website and The Slopes Of War

Although the book explains way more than the website does the have a few things in common. They both say the length of the battle, which was 3 days. They both tell us the amount of soldiers that died, and what happened before the battle.