Jada Lynn Murphy

All About Me


My name is Jada Murphy,I was born on April 1st 1997. I am currently a senior at Childersburg high. Class of 2015.My journey at CHS has been quite an adventure and now it is slowly coming to an end. I'm eager to announce that I will be attending Southern Union in the fall of 2015. I'm planning to major in Sociology. You'll find out more about me as you read along on my website.


I went to B.B.Comer Memorial High school all the way up to my sophomore year and then i transferred to Childersburg High school. I was skeptical about the move at first but after attending this school im glad to be apart of Childersburg high. I've always had A/B honor roll , and maintained perfect attendance for the most part.


Throughout my high-school year I've been in both Talent Search and FCCLA . I enjoy participating in the many activities outside of school. The summer of my senior year I got my first job at Bojangles in Chelsea. I also attend Jesus Saves Church in Odena, Alabama.


"Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying."

- I chose this quote because i know that every choice that you make is left up to you, so you should make the best choice. You have to have faith and believe in yourself. I always tell myself, "I know that I can make it".

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Writing Sample from Frankenstein

Dear Reader,

I am writing to tell you about my adventurous book entitled Frankenstein. I wrote the book as part of a contest between me and my friends. I got the idea from a dream I had a few nights before. The theme of this novel centers around the idea of responsibility. It took me a year to write the book, but I really enjoyed writing it.

We were sitting beside the campfire, and we wanted to see who could write the scariest story. Of course I was up for the challenge! My friends and I always wrote scary stories, but this time I turned mine into a actual book. My friends were fascinated, because I usually didn't win the contests that we had. I had to show them otherwise, since they were some of the most famous writers from the Romantic Period of literature.

First, I was undecided about what to write about. I couldn't concentrate, but after a little bit of brainstorming I got a grip and began to just write. I thought about a dream I had had a few nights before. I saw a vision of a dead body coming back to life. I knew right then I had the perfect idea, and that I would win the contest.

The theme of this novel centers around the idea of responsibility. As you know, Victor wasn't responsible at all. He created a monster that killed people, and he really couldn't control it. Victor set out to control nature and instead became a victim of it. The book not only teaches responsibility, but it also teaches the truth behind the element of human life.

I wrote the book Frankenstein for entertainment purposes at first. My main goal was simply to write a winning ghost story and impress my friends. Over the years, this book has turned out to be a warning to those who are too obsessed with a passion or to those who abuse nature’s power. Frankenstein came out to be a remarkable story, and I’m proud that my novel is still being read so many years later.


Mary Shelley

Writing Sample from Environmental Science

Jada Murphy


4th period

Healthy Eating

Do you think healthy eating should be a right, responsibility, or a privilege? I personally believe that healthy eating is your responsibility but you also have a right to be healthy. I think that everyone should have a right and a responsibility to healthy eating.

Eating right is important to staying at a healthy weight and keeping and energy balance. The balance between the calories you eat and drink and the calories you burn through the body are different. Healthy food should be available to everyone and less expensive. Some people can't afford to eat healthy. A lot of people don't have access to healthy food.

Healthy eating should be a responsibility and one of your main concerns. If you want to stay in shape, its best that you eat right and stay fit. You are responsible for what you eat. healthy eating should be important to you. Make healthy decisions!

Eating healthy should be a right because everybody should have the right to eat healthy food. You are responsible to ask the government for assistance if you need food stamps. Schools provide healthy lunches for kids but its their choice if they eat it or not. Homeless shelters prepare healthy meals for homeless people as well.

Healthy eating is an right and a responsibility. You have an right to healthy eating but its also your responsibility. Healthy food is not cheap at all! Many people don't have the money to buy healthy food . However eating right is important to living a healthy lifestyle. You are responsible for what foods you consume, make good decisions!

Global Scholar

This graph shows my improvement from my sophomore year up until my senior year. It shows my score compared to the district average score and the national average score.
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Every year in the fall Childersburg High school always host an mock interview day. This helps us prepare for real life interviews and other situations that we will have to deal with outside of school and in the real world. Going through this experience my 11th and 12th grade year helped me a lot. The lady that I spoke with said that I did very well, and I dressed the part as well. I presented her my cover letter and my resume, both my cover letter and resume is listed below.


Jada Murphy

70 Pincrest Dr.

Childersburg AL, 35044

August 28, 2013

Alabama A&M University

4900 Meridian St N,

Huntsville, AL 35811

To Whom it May Concern:

I am very eager to be attending your college! I have a lot to offer you. I plan to major in sociology. I love helping people out in any way that i can. I really think that I meet the qualifications for this job.

Does this sound like the person you need? If it does, I am eager to speak with you. I am very determined to make myself proud as well as my family. My resume is attached to this and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks for your time.


Jada Murphy


Jada Murphy

70 Pincrest DR, Childersburg, Al, 35044



Overview & Skills

I am interested in applying for the position of an social worker. I can offer you a hardworking, self-motivated, positive attitude and demeanor. I think that im fit for the qualifications of this job. My

areas of strength include:

  • Working as Team Player

  • Multi-tasking

  • Computer kills : Windows, PowerPoint, Microsoft word, Excel

  • Time Management Skills

  • Excellent budgeter

  • Quick learner

  • Dependable/reliable


Childersburg High School

  • Date: May 2015


  • Perfect Attendance

  • A/B Honor roll



From early June to mid-august I was in charge of my younger cousin while her guardian was at work. This taught me responsibility because I was the only one home and I was the provider.


Sharon Wright – 256-315-5525


Reference Letter

April 24, 2015

Dear Scholarship Committee:

It is my pleasure to recommend Jada Murphy to your committee.

Miss Murphy is a delightful student with a quick smile and a positive attitude. Miss Murphy currently takes my English 12 class and took my English 11 class last year. Her positive attitude comes across each day in class. Whenever she hits a road-block or difficulty in class, she works diligently until she overcomes the challenge.

Miss Murphy never gives up. Her life has not been easy; however, she has persevered and become a successful student. This type of work ethic will serve her well in the future. Her consistent work ethic makes her an exceptional student, and she will surely be successful in any institution of higher learning.


Sharon Wright


English 12 & AP Literature

Childersburg High School


My composite score was an 18 , i wasn't satisfied however with an 18 i would be accepted into any community college and a few other universities that i looked into.

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Admission Requirements for Southern Union

STEP 1: Submit Your Application

You may submit a printed application by mail or in person. You can also complete an online application. I mailed my application off along with a copy of my drivers licence .

STEP 2: Submit an Official Photo ID

Students must provide a notarized copy of an unexpired driver’s license . My drivers license was attached along with my application.

STEP 3: Submit Official Transcripts

Complete and send a records request form to each school/college you've attended.

Cost Analysis for Southern Union

Alabama Resident Total Cost = $9,240

In-State Tuition$3,108

Other Fees$532

Room and Board$4,400

Books and Supplies$1,200


Contact Me

Jada Murphy

70 pincrest Dr. Childersburg AL, 35044

You can contact me at my email address Murphy@tcboe.net or at 256-487-3247.
Thank you for your time!