October Recap!

Celebrating the successes of our enJoyMint team!

a little background...

Hey there, enJoyMint partners! I was blown away by the HUGE month we had in October that I absolutely had to give some shout outs! And, when I was thinking about sending these little shout outs, I thought - hello! we HAVE to do this all the time!!!! So, I'm going to start doing a monthly recap of the previous month and share in celebrating with each of you as you accomplish goals, big or small, hit milestones, overcome challenges, or have some great words of wisdom to share!!

We are here to learn together, grow together, and succeed together. <----it's one of the few cool things I come up with each year! Love it?? It's going to be our mantra! I'll be adding it to our Facebook group soon! hehehe

First and foremost, I want to say thank you to EVERYONE who pushed way past their comfort zone, who reached out that one extra time, who shared something with a friend. Because of all YOUR effort, we hit over $4,000 in sales as a team and helped push our fearless Healthier Oil the Thyme leader, Dory, to Silver in Six!!! This is a huge accomplishment for her and one I know she's worked really hard for and I'm so happy that we all get to cheer her on in this achievement! She is our closest SILVER, so if you ever need anything or have questions, and your sponsor isn't available, she is a fantastic resource!

okay, now let's celebrate our fantastic enJoyMint partners

Who's reaching for BIG goals?

I want to help you acheive them!

We had a lot of momentum in October and my goal is to carry that through for the rest of the year and beyond for all of us! Personally, I hit Senior Star for the first time in October and the drive to hit Executive has never been so strong! That's my goal, what's yours??

Dream BIG and let's work together to help you achieve all the success you dream for yourself! But remember, Thomas Edison said, a vision without execution is hallucination! (Thanks for that one, Beth!)

Congratulations to our new Senior Stars!

Beth Frankenfield
Megan Calamaro
Rachel Stanley

Congratulations to our new Star!

Megan Wyman


Megan Calamaro

Senior Star Leader