Mrs. Arroyo

By Luke Woollen

An interview with Mrs. Arroyo

Mrs. Arroyo the lover of love. Mrs. Arroyo graduated from East Texas State University after 10 years. In 1982 she achieved her Bachelors of Science. In 1992 she achieved her Masters of Education (Special Education).

Teaching experience

Mrs. Arroyo has taught 6th-12th grade students for many years. She has taught every subject in school. She puts in 10-12 hours And more when needed. Her biggest reward from teaching is seeing her students learn and succeed. Her biggest challenge as a teacher is not having enough time to get everything done .Mrs. Arroyo said " self-motivation needed is like a 8-9 on a scale from 1-10.Her class room is always spread out and calming to come into and work in.