Percussion Stuff!

March 11-27

What's going on?

We just finished up a successful day at Solo and Ensemble Festival. We got some results that were happy, some that weren't so happy, but the bottom line was everyone played really well. All percussion performances received a I rating of Exemplary or a II rating of Outstanding. Although not everyone is getting to perform at the State Solo and Ensemble Competition, we have to remember that we still performed at an Outstanding level and we have nothing to be ashamed of.

I was told by another director at the festival that the students they encountered from Parkway South were extremely polite and helpful, and although that's not written in the curriculum, it is another aspect of representation of your school, program and yourself.

As I look at the schedule the only thing that I really see that affects us is SPRING BREAK!!!! We have put in a hard, diligent 1st part of the semester and deserve to take a little break.


As students return from Spring Break, I need to know the schedules and conflicts of for April 25 and May 4. I need the students to check their athletic schedules for conflicts on these 2 days and I need parental help to get them to do this. If students have conflicts, we could possibly replace them for each of these events so the ensemble can continue to compete. I will try to check email once a day over break. Please let me know as soon as we return from Spring Break.

There will be nothing new to work on in class. We will pick up with this week's assignments.

Upcoming Events in April and May

My Spring Break plans

Questions! Just give me an email!

Check out my website for (bad) recordings of some of Solo and Ensemble. If you don't see the one you want, send me a copy.