Winter Apparel Drive

Raya, Isabel, Carrie, Kelly, Sophia, and Mackenzie


We need clothes to donate to Reach Caregivers Homeless Shelter!

The types of clothes we need...





we mostly need adult sizes

make sure all your clothes are clean

The prize

For every 2 pieces of clothing you donate your name will be entered into a raffle. There will be a first place winner and a second place winner. The first place winner will get to choose between 2 tickets to Lietersburg Cinema or the game, Pie Face. The second place winner will get whichever the first place winner didn't choose.

To enter the raffle

To get a raffle ticket bring your donations to Mrs. Hartley's room before 7:30 and find a person with a red badge. Show them your donations and they will write a raffle ticket for you.