The Great Cameroon

Cameroon's Imperialism

Cameroon was controlled by 3 countries , the UK, France, and Germany. Germany lost control over Cameroon in WWI. When the British and French began to leave they tried to make sure even without them being there the government that was set up still functioned could still function

Cameroon's Physical Geography

Cameroon has a varied landscape, including mountains in the west, grasslands in the north, and tropical lowlands in the south. Lake Chad is in the North and Mount Cameroon is in the south. Mount Cameroon is 13,353 feet (4,070 meters). Mount Cameroon is a volcano and is very active.

Some Physical Geography Pictures

Culture and more

Cultural Geography

Is mostly rural but has some urban areas. The common people are either farmers or herders. The more higher class people live in the cities 2 major cities in Cameroon are

Future Problems

Despite having many natural resources, Cameroon is a poor country. It has a high unemployment rate, and many of its people live in poverty. As we have seen in history when the majority of the country is poor and mistreated the government is overthrown


  • Football (Soccer)
  • tennis.
  • boxing.
  • basketball.
  • cycling.
  • netball.
  • handball.
  • swimming
  • Handball is a game similar to squash in which a ball is hit the hand and in a walled court
  • Squash is like tennis
  • Cameroon means shrimp explorers found crayfish that looked like shrimp

Cameroon ethnicity

Cameroon has about 250 ethnic groups most live in villages. 38% of the population of Cameroon is Cameroon highlanders. Cameroon's largest ethnic groups are the Bamileke, who lived in the western region, and the Fulani, who live in the north.