Careers in science

By: Brady Van Ess

About the job (Zookeeper)

A zookeeper is a job that has to do with animals. There are many places where you can work as a zookeeper and just a few are at any zoo or sanctuary. It involves taking very good care of animals and caring for them. It is a job that involves a lot of things. You need to give them the care they need and the certain materials they need. I like this job because it involves animals and seeing all the different kinds of animals.


The branch of science that my job is is life. Which means it has to do with living things and caring for them. And also means that you always have to have good awareness and other transferable skills. You also need to know a lot about nature and what is good for it. Life means living and living means that it needs a certain amount of goods to survive.

Education path

If you wanted to be a zookeeper the degree that you need is a bachelor's, a zookeeper needs to know a lot about nature and life.

Training school and college

A good college for me that I would go to for a zookeeper is Wisconsin. I picked this school because it welcomes potential zookeepers. It is a university and a 4 year college. The student ratio is 17: 1.


The average gpa for this school is 3.75, the average act is 24 - 29, and the average sat is 600 - 699.

What factors affect employment for this job

There aren't a lot of factors that negatively affect employment because there are schools all over Wisconsin that help with these types of jobs, and it is very common.


The Wisconsin salary range is from 15,000 to 27,000 dollars a year, ( 7$ per hour to 15$ per hour). The national salary range is from 16,000 to 31,000 dollars a year. ( 7$ per hour to 15$ per hour).


A possible employer that I could look into is Heidi Hietpas, the location is in Green Bay WI, 54313.


Something that I love to do is spend time with animals and care for them so that would be a good thing. But a con would be that I would have to be always alert and ready for anything which could be a hassle. But I think I would like to do a better paying job than a zookeeper.