Join the guild!

Knights of the Dragon Court


One of a kind guild members welcome you with open hands and open fights. Complete missions and compete with others for respect of the guild.

Gain new friends and rivals and don't forget to try out for the S-CLASS position!

Guild Members

Chat Everyday and Any Kind of Conversation

Just various chats created by the members to talk about something in particular or chat in special events. The chats are random and funny, but serious and surreal at the same time.

We Are A Line Chat

In order to join our Guild you must find a guild members on Line or the app Ifunny and if they are accepting members consult them and chose your character. IF the character you want to chose is taken you must pick another one. Rules will be explained to you by the Guild Master or Senior Member.
Fairy Tail Main Theme - Glitch Hop/Dubstep [ dj-Jo Remix ]