Alonso Alvarez de Pineda

History of Pineda

Pineda is one of the Spanish explorers who was the first person to explore The Gulf of Texas coast of Texas in the year 1519. Pineda is from Spain, he mapped out the coast from Florida to Texas.


When did Pineda explore? In the 1519’s pineda explores the americas

Why did Pineda map the coast He was sent by the Government to explore the coast.

Describe Pineda? He was an intelligent Spanish explorer who discovered the Gulf of Mexico .

How did all of these events together shape Texas? All these events together come and show that the shape of Texas came from the events because the mapping of the coast mapped showing the expanse of land the search for gold explored finding stuff and mapping more area all of our customs originate from these old native americans and how we live is all thanks to how these events shaped the future with us creating laws and learning and changing because of what happened back then.

Early history

As you may see there isnt a lot of info on Pineda's early life. Pineda was born in 1494 and died in 1520. His map marked the first document on maps in Texas history. In 1517 he was Spanish Govenor of Jamaica, Francisco de Garay.