My Dentist Dr.Kim

Ty Gaskins

Interview With My Dentist

How long have you been a dentist?

"I was a dentist in Japan for 4 years, I have had my dentistry practice in America for 6 years."

What training did you do in

order to be successful?

"I went to college for 12 years after high school in japan."

Can I do this out of highschool?

"It is required to go to college in order to be a dentist. It is also beneficial to be an assistant first before having your own practice."

How did you get involved with this carrer?

"I had a practice in japan but I received a job offer to come work in America so because of that I got into this job."

Are there opportunities for advancement?

"The only advancements of dentistry are getting more patients or start in as and assistant them taking over a practice."

Did you get tuition reimbursement?

"I did not because I did not go to college in America so I was never offered any kind."

What is the most interesting project you ever worked on?

"I once was apart of a oral surgery that lasted 5 hours, but other than yet nothing that interesting."

Describe a typical day in your career.

"I get up at 5:30 head into the officenter work on patients and check for cavities around 20 times a day. Then I go home, not to exciting. "

How much vacation time do you get in a year?

"I get around 3 weeks a year but I have added up a lot of personal days so I can take those as I please."

What is the job outlook for dentist.

"As long as humans have teeth dentistry is a pretty secure job."

Do you see yourself continuing to be a dentist in the next 10 years?

"Maybe another 5 years being a dentist gets tI ring sometimes. I am planning on retiring soon anyways."