January Newsletter

Mrs. Eberts' K Class

Ready to go!

Happy New Year and welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a good holiday and a relaxing break! January always brings a lot of changes in the students and it is always amazing to watch them come into the classroom after the break and see how much they have grown and learned since September!

Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy - This month we will be exploring changes that winter brings to people, animals, weather and environment. We will read fiction and non fiction books, explore with our 5 senses, sequence stories, learn about penguins and polar bears, work on beginning sounds of words, clap our syllables in winter words, learn new winter poems, recall characters and events from stories, share with others and much more. Our letter focus will be on Dd, Bb, Mm and Nn.

Numeracy - This month we will continue to work on patterning and sorting through centers and small group practice. We will continue to build our number sense through games, counting and classroom work. We will also work on problem solving strategies using ten frames, number lines, pictures and breaking numbers apart.

Odds and Ends...

Dates to Remember

Jan. 7 - Pizza hot lunch (if ordered)

Jan. 12 - Jersey day

Jan. 28 - Special Snack (if ordered)

Thursdays are library days.

Thank you to all the volunteers in December. We appreciate the help and support in the classroom, especially during such a busy time of year.

Thank you for coming out to the Christmas Concert. The students did an amazing job.

Thank you for all the kind cards, Christmas wishes and presents that came our way. We are truly lucky to be doing what we do! Every year is special meeting new students and families!

The End!

We all play such a big part in our children’s learning and it always helps to do a bit at home. Continue to read to your child daily and talk about what is happening in the story, what was their favorite part, did they like the story or would they change something about it. As well, play games that involve rolling and counting dice, find patterns in clothing or make patterns using a variety of objects. Find letters when you are at the grocery store, rhyme objects while you drive somewhere or are making supper. Cut out items from flyers or magazines. A little bit of time goes a long ways!

Don't forget to dress warm this week! The weather is the chilliest we have seen it and we will be heading out each day to investigate the snow piles!

If you have any questions or concerns about anything that is happening this month or if you would like to talk to me about anything, please contact me at school: 403-782-3096 or 403-782-8726 (ext 4202) or cheryl.eberts@wolfcreek.ab.ca

Until next month....

The Kindergarten Team

( Mrs. Eberts, Mrs. Maris, Mrs. Cade and Mrs. Shackleton)

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