Converse's Team Report, Mar. 13

We are one team, with one mission, to be our best together!


  • No birthdays this upcoming week.
  • LOVED, LOVED, LOVED our dress up day last Friday. Thanks for all who participated!
  • On Monday, Mrs. Troyer had her students do a persuasive writing on whether they felt Mrs. Kinch or Miss Viola Swamp made a better principal. What a great idea to increase student engagement by selecting a topic that they are excited to discuss and write about. Luckily, I heard Mrs. Kinch won out by a small margin.
  • Thanks to the many teachers who thanked parents for attending Literacy Night in your weekly newsletter. That was kind of you all! We had 437 people attend with 175 PK-2nd grade students represented. Way to go!!!
  • Make sure to download a QR reader for free on an iPAD and check out Whitney's QR codes on the underwear on her hallway bulletin board and Jamie Troyer's QR codes with her swim pictures on her door. Love all the ways everyone is using technology to increase student learning! Keep up the great work. And keep being patient with your principal as you see below some problems she had with upside down pictures that she can't get turned rightside up. argggghhhh! (Nice to know it is a failure free environment when it comes to technology, right???)

Team Announcements

Items in bold print are new to announcements.
  • I was asked to remind staff that you can not secure your own substitute. Kristi Carmichael is the only one who can do that. Please go through Kristi to arrange all subs. I think the Converse staff has been doing a great job with that. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  • Ruth Davies is having another surgery over spring break and could possibly be out for the remainder of the school year. This is mostly precautionary to make sure no problems arise later. Rachel Day will be subbing for Ruth. Rachel was in the building on Thursday "shadowing" Ruth. Please keep Ruth's procedure and healing in your prayers. Thanks!
  • With our canceled day last week, the students' (and all support staffs') last day will now be Friday, May 29th, and teachers' last day will be Monday, June 1st.
  • Wednesday's staff meeting will focus on teachers sharing from a recent Ipad conference they attended, discussing Digital Citizenship, and two teachers will share some ways they are checking for understanding. It should be a good one since most of it will involve sharing amongst our esteemed staff!
  • Next Friday, will be Sunglasses/Island day. Break out your "island attire" and remember you sunglasses. Snacks will be provided by the office staff, Bob, Linda, and Karyn Tucci.
  • Our 3rd quarter ends today, the 13th, report cards go home on Tuesday, the 17th. Grades will need posted by noon on Monday, the 16th. Make sure to get Valree a copy of your report card. Thanks!
  • Over Spring Break, Bob plans to be stripping the cafeteria, gym, and teacher's lounge floors and waxing to help with our shorter summer break. Please plan accordingly and don't hesitate to let him or I know of any complications you see with that plan. Thanks, Bob, for thinking ahead!
  • If you need supplies prior to the start of the '15-16 school year, all POs need to be given to Valree by April 24th in order for us to meet the deadline given to us by the Ad. bldg. so that we can receive orders before summer break. Remember you do not have to spend all your monies by then. You will be allowed to purchase things in the fall after we return if you prefer. This is only if you need things to be ordered prior to the start of the next school year.
  • Perfect attendance recess for the third quarter will be Wed, March 18th at 12:35.

Team Focus

10 very real teacher ailments and diseases - a little humor for your Friday...

1. Endoftermitis: This disease normally occurs at the end of term but sometimes afflicts teachers at half-term breaks too. Symptoms vary but usually include exhaustion, shattered nerves and a common cold.

2. OCLD (Obsessive Compulsive Laminating Disorder): Symptoms include an inability to stop oneself from laminating anything in sight. Unfortunately, there is no known cure to date. Symptoms have been known to diminish during holiday periods, however, they tend to flare most at the start of the academic year.

3. IBS (Irritable Brain Syndrome): This occurs when a teacher has had a busy week, has not had a lot of sleep and, therefore, has a reduced ability to tolerate the constant chit-chat, silly questions and health complaints. Symptoms include a raging headache, low-tolerance (particularly for student complaints that stem from hypochondria) and an impossible-to-quench desire for coffee. When this condition is at its worst, sufferers have been known to reverse their motto that "No question is a silly question."

4. Excessive Hoarding Disease: This affliction involves the inability to throw away certain household objects. Sufferers are known to have stashes of bottle tops, empty toilet rolls and yogurt pots hidden around their houses. Side-effects include frequent arguments with their housemates/significant other.

5. Friday Fatigue: An overwhelming feeling of exhaustion that prevents teachers from being able to function as human beings until they have first had a nap.

6. The Sunday Sads: This condition is brought on (on Sunday evenings) by the realisation of how close Monday is and how much they need to do. It is caused by weekend-long procrastination. Symptoms include frequent panic attacks, a sense of crushing doom and, ironically, further procrastination.

7. Anti-hypochondria: This condition occurs when a teacher is genuinely ill but, according to themselves, not ill enough to be absent from school. It arises from the thought construct that being in school ill causes less trouble, work and confusion than staying at home and recovering.

8. Acute Classroom Paranoia: This condition occurs when a class has a seemingly out-of-the-blue fit of giggling. As the giggling continues, the teacher begins to ask himself/herself several questions such as "Is there a hole in my clothing?" "Do I have a stain in an unusual place?" "Am I wearing mismatching shoes?" When the condition is at its peak, the teacher cannot bear it any more and demands that one of the "goody-two-shoes" students tells them why they are laughing. Unfortunately, if the cause of laughter was due to something embarrassing about the teacher, Acute Classroom Paranoia continues to aggravate them for the rest of the school day.

9. Report-driven Apocalyptic Complex: This illness occurs just before the due date for students' reports. Symptoms include insomniac behaviours, sheer exhaustion and a fear of impending doom. Medical practitioners have noted that, for all patients, the symptoms disappear on the report submission date.

10. Grammar Nazi Disorder: This is a life-long affliction in which sufferers have a very low tolerance for bad grammar produced by adults. Upon encountering this stimulus, sufferers experience the following symptoms: increased heart rate, surges of anger, recurring thoughts about how one could make such a mistake and a longing to reach for a red pen. Psychologists have observed that sufferers learn to keep their symptoms within and not to react to others. This tendency stems from previous negative experiences of correcting others.

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