American Revolution

And the events leading up to it.

Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty were a underground association that sought to protect and fight for the American cause.This group was founded by Samuel Adams. They started when the British became one of the most feared powers in the world.

No taxation without Representation phrase said by Rev Jonathan Mayhew

This was a phrase said by Jonathan Mayhew that sums up the suffering of the thirteen colonies

Sugar Act of 1764

Know as the American Revenue Act.The rum business would have been completely destroyed if it wasn't for the boycotting of the Sugar act.The taxes of molasses (which was a main ingredient in rum)were incredibly high.The sugar act also enforced stricter laws and that made smuggling molasses risky.The two prime movers of the protest against the sugar act were Samuel Adams and James Otis.

The Stamp Act of 1765

The Stamp Act was the tax enforced by the Parliament of Great Britain on British America.This Act called for printed materials in British America to be made using London made stamp paper with embossed revenue stamps and Pressed a symbol into all printed material.The taxes on stamps was paid with British currency and not the currency British America used.This was used to assist in paying the British military.

The Townshend Act

The Townshend Act was a string of laws passed in 1767 that taxed glass,lead,paint,tea,paper and other goods.. The purpose of the Townshend Act was to raise revenues among the colonies and use them to pay salaries among the government.This act led to many revolts in the British Americas.

The Boston Massacre

The night of March 5, 1770, 5 colonists were killed by members of the British army.This accrued because of a street fight between a British soldiers and a Patriot mob throwing stones,sticks and snowballs at the British Soldiers.This incident is know as the Boston Massacre or the Boston Riot.The Colonists were not happy at all and this led to many boycotts.Boston was one of the first Colony's that openly said they dislike english rule.

Before the Boston Massacre on February 22 a young boy names Christopher Seider was shot dead by Englishmen.

Tea Act of 1773

This act had the East Indian Company go directly to the Americas instead of going to Britain first.They made the East Indian Company's prices lower because they were going out of business because their prices were so high.Some Americans did not like this because they were being forced to buy East Indian Company's tea.The British only had the tea be sold directly and cheeper so the British can still keep collecting their taxes.

The Boston Tea Party 1773

Britain had lost a lot of money during the 7 years war.So The British Parliament decided he needed to get some of their money back by taxing Americans.The Royals started putting taxes on many products sold in America including tea, and they really loved their tea.The British royalty was trying to monopolize the area and forced everybody to only be able to buy East India Company tea The colonists. were not happy with this and decided to boycott this by throwing an entire shipment of tea into the ocean ruining it all completely.