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Earthquake PBL

In the Earthquake PBL, we were suppost to make a house for Tony Stark that could widthstand seismic activity. Our group made a rectangular prisim house with earthquake ressistant technologies. The walls were popsicle sticks, the roof was straws, and the cross braces were also straws. We used clay as the foundation. The popsicle sticks represented plywood, the straws represented a roof, and the straws were also used for the cross braces. This project was fun for me and my group and I learned about earthquakes and earthquake ressistant technologies and how to better work as a team.

30 Hands Project

In this, we explained what is in the atmosphere and what are we doing to it. It also goes into further detail into things like the greenhouse effect. The results from us are not good. We pollute the atmosphere, witch ruins it. We can stop this by using reusable reasorces and recycle instead of throw things away.

Invention Convention

In the invention convention, we were assigned to create an invention to help the environment. My friend Tyler and I came up with the idea of a wind powered car. It would work by having a vent were the air goes through to get to the wind turbine. From there, it goes to the generator which goes to the battery. This, makes the battery charge so you are using less reasorces to make electricity.