Samurai NEEDED

pays in crops


  • self disciplined
  • do the right things despite risks
  • know the history of Samurai
  • Expert with Weapons
  • childhood (Samurai School, physical training, Poetry, Chinese Studies, and Spiritual discipline)
Different Duties

  • serve as military retainers for the ruler to keep peace
  • cooks
  • clerks
  • charge of supplies
Proper Conduct

  • follow a specific code (BUSHIDO)
  • be truthful
  • have courage
  • be honorable
  • have spirit
Weapons Needed

  • swords
  • Katana
  • Wakizashi
  • Tanto
  • Armor
  • Kama

  • Rice
  • Land
Personal Value

  • Loyalty
  • Lead
  • Honor
Overall to become a Samurai you must have great self confidence and be self obedient and have a powerful mind set.