Health & Fitness Report

Colleen Melvin


Over the last 3 months, I have been working with you as a personal trainer from Gain Fitness. Because you had signed up to Gain Fitness back in November, since then we have completed a series of health and fitness testing sessions that has now given me a good insight and overview of your lifestyle and general health and fitness.

The dates that we did these fitness and health testing session were Monday 11th November for the health testing session last year and recently he fitness testing session was now near a month ago on, Thursday 16th January.

Written below are a detailed summary of what we have done together and your results from each of the sessions.


This is a test that measures the range of ones fitness in beginning a course.

It may also be used to gain more knowledge and awareness of the training/sport beforehand.

The definition of a PAR-Q is a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire.


We do the PAR-Q to determine the possible risk and safety of the participants while training or doing a fitness session.

A PAR-Q is very useful as it is a simple, free of charge form that can be filled out within only 5 minutes, as you would have known by filling this out twice now, 1 for each test.

From your results, your level of fitness is your opinion is said to be on a level 3 out of 5. You follow the 5 a day rule as best as you can which is a great accomplishment to be following this near daily. From your second PAR-Q

Health Screening

Health Screening tests are certain tests that can determine your body’s' current condition. This is tested through 4 specific health tests. These tests are Blood pressure, Heart rate, Lung capacity and Body mass index.

Gain Fitness will provide the equipment and doing these tests are free of charge at all times.

In November, you took part in the Health Test, which consisted of the Body mass index (BMI), heart rate, blood pressure and lung capacity. We did these tests to see what stages you are at and determine what level your healthy lifestyle was at.

From the health-screening test, these were your results.

Your results showed that your lung capacity test was your best as you nearly double the average score of what would normally have been gotten when doing this test.
Your blood pressure during the health-screening test; it is a very healthy blood pressure. The average blood pressure is 120/80 and your results were 123/65. Your systolic (65) pressure was much lower than average but this is a good sign. This means that your heart takes less time to pomp the blood between each beat so your heart is more relaxed and this is a sign that this is very healthy.

Your heart rate was also shown to be below average. Being 54 beats per minute (Bpm), this is an ideal resting heart rate. If you were to train your heart rate to build it up and make your heart stronger, the training zones provide levels of good ranges to follow while training. These training zones provide a guideline for you to work in while you train. These training zones are:

- First time- 50%

- 1- 65% - 75%

- 2- 75% - 85%

- 3- 85% - 95%

The ways of measuring heart rate manually on the body are,

Radial Pulse (wrist) and Carotid Pulse (neck)

Not to do:

Without using the thumbs as they have their own pulse.

Your other results also show that both your health and fitness are above average.

Your BMI (body mass index) being 22.9 is in the middle of an Average BMI. This indicates that you have a good height and weight ratio and your body fat percentage is healthy.

Your strongest and best test is blood pressure.

All of your tests show outstanding results although during the lung capacity test, the repetitions of the 3 breaths was not constant and maybe we can work to further improve your lung capacity results through possible sessions in the future.

Your kickboxing sessions play a big role in this and maintaining these 2-3 hourly sessions a week is vital and beneficial towards your fitness. The hourly sessions 2-3 times a week meet the recommended standard of physical activity per week.

Overall your health testing showed you were at a very healthy stage and all of your tests reached the healthy range.

Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing is a series of tests that are given to our participants who want to join Gain Fitness. The fitness testing session allows us to be able to determine the level of an individual’s fitness. A physical examination is usually performed, including measurement of body fat, height, and weight. For Gain Fitness, you and I went through a series of tests.

These tests were:

1. 10-rep max.

2. Sit up and Press up test

3. Sit and Reach test

4. 30 m sprint test

5. Vertical Jump test

6. 12 minute cooper run.

These 7 tests showed a variety of results, some outstanding and some we could potentially improve upon.

Your best result was the least expected one being the 30-metre sprint. This was the test that you thought you would do the worst in which in fact you did the best overall with outstanding results nearly halving the average times for your age group. This is a great achievement and could mean that your reaction time and this may also mean that we will not have to work on your speed and reaction time in the future if you come and work with Gain Fitness.


In the PAR-Q it said that you were getting your 6-8 hours of sleep each day, which is shown in your reaction time, as sleep deprivation can slow it down. For more information on sleep and reaction time and the links they have with each other, visit this article:

One of your weaknesses during this fitness session was flexibility but together we both can improve upon this using numerous recommendations.

Your second best results from the fitness testing session were from the 12-minute cooper run. 5 minutes in the run you were already on 1 kilometer. You excelled during the second half of the run increasing your distance to 2.18 kilometers.

If you still like to improve your cardiovascular fitness there are some recommendations below to give you some ideas of ways of improving your fitness level.

From your target sheet, your most outstanding goal is to become more flexible. Classes that are held on a weekly basis are available for you

Fitness Analysis sheet

From your fitness analysis sheet I asked you to fill out after the fitness testing session. Your main goal is you would like to become more flexible.

During the session I recommended that you could attend classes that could help with this. Specifically being a palates class once to twice a week will improve your level of flexibility in under a month.

With your kickboxing classes still ongoing of 2-3 sessions a week I believe that this will be a great opportunity for you to let me produce a fitness programme specific for you which includes your kick boxing and palates class so that your timetable and weekly schedule will not be interrupted by any future activities that could be planned for you.

Your kickboxing sessions play a big role in this and maintaining these 2-3 hourly sessions a week is vital and beneficial towards your fitness. The hourly sessions 2-3 times a week meet the recommended standard of physical activity per week. Under the circumstances that you are currently still meeting the standard level of physical, the fitness proramme will provide you with a guideline for which you could enhance your level of fitness through the specific tasks and classes that will be planned in the programme.

Yoga & Pilates (Hong Kong)

Below are a few links that will guide you to Pilate’s classes based in Hong Kong.

This first link is Flex Studio. They provide numerous programmes and sessions to help with stress and flexibility.

This link is directed to just one day’s timetable and how many sessions are provided.

This gym is based in Wong Chuk Yung in Aberdeen.

The next gym is Isofit.

This is a gym based in Central, (43-55 Wyndham Street)

There are numerous ways to improve your flexibility including the pilates class.

This is a direct link for more information about specifically pilates and how it is beneficial for daily life.

Another way to imrove your flexibility is yoga.

There are numerous studios and gyms throughout Hong Kong that provide these sessions at a low cost.

Here are a few thinks to these places: (the variety is there for you to suit your current location in Hong Kong)

Happy Valley


Sheung Wan

Pottinger Street, Central


Sai Kung


The main focus of pilates of to strengthen the "powerhouse"- abdomen, back and buttocks so stabilising the body and enabling it to move freely. It will dramatically improve strength and flexibility; which are the 2 main focuses that you would like to improve on. Pilates is also a great way of aligning the muscles and creating your muscles to be lean without increasing bulk.

Another way of increasing flexibility is getting a massage. Massages use deep muscle techniques that release any knots and any problems that can reduce flexibility. Deep tissues massages also improve circulation to the muscles, which can make you feel better and more energised. Man massage parlours are within Hong Kong so the variety s out there if you are willing to try out this technique soon.

The second last way is a hot tub or sauna. These both use heat and after a session or workout, which includes your kickboxing, sessions can relax your muscles using the heat in the methods they are designed to and it can also aid flexibility.

The last way and most expensive way to improve flexibility without training is acupuncture. It is demonstrated to relieve muscle pain and it has been proven to psychological help individuals tolerate with the pain hat is followed with flexibility exercises and training methods. It is the expensive way of increasing blood flow and reliving muscle pain fast.

Further Help

You also said that you want to improve your strength.

This can be done down at my gym with the high quality technology and lifting equipment that can be suited to your level as well and gradually, also using the fitness programme for strength, build up your level of fitness in strength and strive towards bigger goals.

There are numerous ways to get stronger without gaining the size and assume that is what you would like to achieve.

These methods will be specifically made and designed to your level if you join Gain Fitness to sign for fitness programme.

One of the methods that I recommend for you is using drills and sprints to increase your strength. Sprint intervals and agility drills such as drills that use the ladder, will help develop power and strength specific to running. With your sprints being at a excellent standard, this would be a great method for you to use to increase your strength in your lower body.

The main strength enduring exercises are the squat, bench press, shoulder press and the dead lift. With the correct techniques and guidance, these exercises will be very beneficial to you in gaining strength fast. As strength is the foundation of nearly all physique, it is crucial that you are able to learn the key tips and techniques to be able to take out these methods and exercises.

Cardio is a must if you want to be lean and healthy, but long-distance running or cycling increases levels of hormones that break down muscle tissue. To get stronger while getting leaner, do cardio in short, intense bursts. Go to a moderately steep hill and sprint to the top, then walk back down. When you're ready, sprint again. In your first workout, do only half as many sprints as you think you could. In your next workout, do two more sprints than you did the first time. Continue adding two sprints to your workouts until you can't improve anymore. By doing this (which will be included in the fitness programme provided by Gain Fitness, you will be able to achieve your goals over a 3-6 week period.

Last words

I hope that this leaflet has given you a good insight on what is available at Gain Fitness. We thank you for attending the free health and fitness testing sessions with Gain Fitness and I hope that you will be returning with the same enthusiasm as you had before and join our fitness programs available just for you.