Pitbull propaganda

Stop banning the wrong end of the leash

People should be aloud to keep pitbulls

People often are often give limited options when it comes to things that involve their dogs ,especially the bully breeds. The term Pitbull actually is used to describe many types of dog breeds. Since some are ignorant to this fact there is a rising conflict that could be easily solved and it all starts with the correct facts.

THIS is an American pitbull.

People often mistake dog breeds but one thing is for sure, and that's that all bully breeds are special and unique and they all need different care and attention as well.

The American pitbull is also known for having one of the best doggy smiles there is

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Pitbulls used to be america's favorite dog

Throughout the 1900's pitbulls breeds were often used in war times and in even in the famous kids show 'the little rascals' the dog Petey was a bully breed.

Pitbulls were very well known to be "Nanny dogs" because they are very trust worthy and are great when left alone with children.

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Pitbulls breeds weren't always given a negative image

America's beloved bully's started getting a negative image when people started using them in dog fights and other violent actions because of there incredible strength and tough lean bodies. There is a popular stereotype saying that pitbulls are inherently aggressive dogs when that's not at all true. Any breed of dog can be taught to be violent and viscous jbut it all depends on who's raising the dog and how they train it. If your train something to be viscous and mean it will likely be that way , but if you train something to be gentle and nice it will turn out that way.

Why are people not being able to keep these beautiful breeds?

One of the many reasons these breeds are being banned and people aren't aware that pitbulls are actually often misunderstood and it takes a real first hand owner to tell you how much love and happiness pitbulls can actually provide people with. people are letting the media popularize false things about these dogs and the ignorance about them is creating conflicts to arise .

Why people should be able to keep their dogs

Some people have disabilities and a dog can help make life easier for them. Pitbulls are great when they are around kids and they are very patient dogs as well. As long as these breeds of dogs are in proper care and raised well they can very well become beneficial and loving dogs who are very devoted to their families and people they meet everyday as well. Studies show Pitbulls are actually one the the nicest breeds there are and that these dogs are still one of the most loving and transformable breeds you could come across.

Besides who wouldn't want to wake up and see a friendly face with the biggest smile ever?

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