Hypertensive retinopathy

Seeing Is Believing by. Jermaine Allen

Hypertensive retinopathy overview

Located behind all of our eyes whether human or animal there is a thin layer of tissue called the retina which is used for transforming light waves into into nerve signals that can be interpreted to the brain which is vital for sensory processing. Overtime high blood pressure can occur due to being overweight, lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating can lead to blood rushing through the vessel leading to he retina that will eventually cause Hypertensive retinopathy. According to Grosso, Veglio, Porta, Grignolo, Wong 2005) nearly 50 million people just in the Unites States only suffer from this disease or some form of hypertension. Though there are several documented treatments for Hypertensive retinopathy there is one way to lessen the chances of it effected you and that is to eat properly and exercise regularly.

Perception of Vision

Our visual systems give us the ability to see our surrounding environment. The eye is the core of the central nervous system that interprets images to our brains of everything that we encounter. It believe that our vision is the most vital sensory organ because it is the window to everything that we process. Although individuals such as the blind may fail to possess this sensory organ it is still one of the things that I personally believe is impossible to live without.Vision usually begins when light passes through the cornea and the lens which then produce a clear image. The signal that is sent from the retina is then sent in the form of optic nerves to parts of the brain that process the image for us to see. According to (Todorovic, 2008) Gestalts principles apply to vision and visual perception because the regions of the visual field whose portions are perceived as grouped or joined together, and are thus segregated from the rest of the visual field.

TREATMENTS for Hypertensive retinopathy

Although Hypertensive retinopathy is a very serious and damaging disorder there are some very successful treatments that have been researched and shown to effectively cause reversible reconstruction in retinal blood vessels. As listed previously one way that doctors effectively treat this disorder is to place the patient on a very strict diet high in fruits and vegetables that will assist in lowering blood pressure. Daily physical activity with the reduction of caffeine, smoking and sugar will contribute to a healthier blood pressure also. Medications that can be administered according to (Badii, 2016) are diuretics, beta blockers and or ACE inhibitors to control blood pressure but be mindful that if your condition is severe you may have irreversible damage that will possibly cause permanent vision problems.

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