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The English Patient

The author of this amazing book

Michael Ondaajte was born in Sri Lanka on September 12,1943 and moved to Canada during his childhood. In his book, he writes about a burned "patient" who is in one of the old war zone hospitals. His nurse, Hana, becomes very attached to him and she stays with him in the hospital while everybody else moves. She later falls in love with a man named Kip who came through to diffuse the bombs. Caravaggio, a family friend, gets the secrets from the patient and they all finally realize who he really is!

Did Ondaatje make this book multicultural?

Yes, yes, and yes again! Throughout the book readers are introduced to many characters that are from different backgrounds and locations. We have Hana and Caravaggio who are both from Canada. There is also Kip who is from India and his friend who dies shortly after being introduced. The setting of Florence, Italy also adds to the cultural diversity. It is clear that Ondaatje used his own multicultural background and incorporated into the book through the characters.

Upcoming Events

Michael Ondaatje: Meet the author

He will be holding a book signing May 25th- June 2nd. Hours will be from 1-5 Monday-Friday and 2-4 on Saturdays and Sundays. Michael would love to meet all of you and answer any questions that you may have about the book. Original 1992 copies will be available for purchase!!

Ready to mingle

The English Patient has been severely burned for a very long time and he has just recently been cleared by his nurse, Hana, to see visitors and/or fans. Visiting hours at the hospital are 3-6pm. Stop by The Villa to learn more about his story.


The English Patient

The man himself! Before he was burned he was a very rugged man who was very capable of making ladies share their secrets! He's ready to share his past with readers like you, in person!


Q. What is is The English Patient about?

A. The English Patient takes you through the story of a veteran who was severely burned during World War II; so much so that he forgets much of his past and becomes unidentifiable due to the severe burns covering his face. The other main characters' stories are told relating to the burn victim. They learn secrets from the English patient as his memories resurface and discover who his true identity is!

Q. Would this be a good book for teenagers?

A. Yes! The love triangles and war action will keep teens hooked! Despite the time difference, teens can relate to the characters' drama, love lives, and inner conflicts that have been around for ages. The book does have some mature language and content, but most teenagers should be mature enough to handle it.

Q. Does the book have a good ending?

A. The book is suspenseful all throughout, so when the characters find out who the English patient really is, the ending will definitely satisfy! We can't give too much away!!

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