5 pillars of Islam

2nd Pillar: Prayer- Salah


Muslims must pray five times a day. During these prayers, they must recite parts of the Quran in Arabic, while facing in the direction of Mekkah, Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most uniform rituals in Islam, and includes physical motion as a form of physical prayer.

Before the prayer, Muslims must perform a ritual washing, known as wudu.

Why is it practiced?

Muslims use the daily prayers in order to establish a direct connection to God. It is meant to prevent the believer from committing sins by developing and fostering an increased sense of God consciousness.

When/how often is it performed?

It is performed five times a day, every day, at dawn, noon, afternoon, and in the evening.


In every day life, this could be compared to brushing your teeth, only more often and important, as it is an important, every day thing, and is a central part of their lives.

Other Information

  • It is the only one of the five pillars that is performed on a daily basis.
  • It is meant to be performed in a mosque in a group, through it can be performed anywhere.