OneClay Portal Raffle

Teachers and Students Are Both Eligible

Contest Rules

Over the month of December, the Digital Classroom Initiative has been a roaring success with 50,000 OneClay Portal logins (even with the Christmas Break). This is hugely in part to the participation of teachers and administration at the schools and we thank you.

As a thank you for your participation, ClassLink (the makers of our portal) are offering a Digital Raffle with some amazing prizes!

Here is how it works…when you login to the portal each day you are entered into a digital raffle. On January 29th, we will draw a name and offer the following prizes:

  • One lucky teacher will win a brand new MacBook Air!!!
  • One lucky student will win a brand new iPad Mini!!!

The more you use the portal…the better your chances of winning!!!!

Please spread the word!

OneClay Digital Classroom Initiative

We have heard from many teachers who are interested in what this new initiative can do for your classroom. The portal to the Digital Classroom Initiative is located at To get started, just log in with your network account and password.

The Digital Classroom Initiative empowers our students with three new and exciting ways to manage their learning: the OneClay Student Portal, the Focus Student Portal, and Google Apps for Education.

For more information on the Digital Classroom Initiative, check out these Frequently Asked Questions.

The new portal currently has all of the features of the old portal and more. Instructions on how to use the portal can be found here.

Thanks for all your hard work in helping us push this initiative and make it an early success.

We have several exciting announcements to come in the next few weeks.