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Newsday Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Try to be the best you can be.

With all of the technology available, it is a little overwhelming at times. We would like to showcase a few iPad apps that could help students and teachers alike to take the extra step from just getting an assignment (or a lesson) from average to something special.

Pic Collage

This app has shown up in a lot of classes here at DCMS and the reason being it is simple to use and has all sorts of possibilities. You can use the templates to organize images or use the open style to size and arrange them any way you like. Text is easy to add and after it is saved to your camera roll, you can use it in other formats. You have seen Pic Collage here in the newsletter.


This is an avatar app and it could be used for many assignments. It gives students and teachers an opportunity to write and produce a mini movie for public service announcements, coming events or book reports, to name only a few.


Another avatar app that you can use is Chatterpix. It is a fun way to get inanimate objects to talk. You could use this to tell a mini story or give a report. There are endless ways you could use this in class.
overdue books

Some times you want something extra special

There are times when you want to do special effects with a photo. Here is the original photo and below are three different apps that can change color or even the overall look of the photo. Now these apps are not in the free download category but if you are interested in using any of these, come down and visit with me. You can send the photo to me and we can work together to get just what you want to make that special effect work for your assignment. Then you can amaze and impress your teachers and family.

Be creative

There are lots of way to take any assignment or any idea and make it more interesting, more creative. It may take a bit more time but it is worth it. Take pride in the fact that you did it well and put in that extra effort to move it from average to special. You can do it and if you need some help, we are always here.