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Geography, History, Feudalism, Shintoism and Current Evens

Japan's Interesting Geography 🏯🗻🌄

About 4,00 islands make up the Japanese island group that extends 1,200 miles long! The geography has advantages and disadvantages such as the way that there is a certain way you have to build house and sites in japan. You have to build cities around the many, large mountains that are natured in japan, and in some ways you have to use them in your favor.

There are so many islands, that have look different, but have to be built the same. It takes time and dedication to figure out how sites, and cities should be made so that they can withstand the weather, and natural disasters that take place in japan. Also, there is a certain way people that live in japan would have to dress, to be safe against weather, and maybe some natural disasters. Also, Like Greece Japan is divided by mountains.


Before 400 AD, Japan wasn't a unified nation. Japan isolated themselves from china and other palaces for a while. The isolation gave japan a rise with a unique culture and style. Shintoism, a religion that is practiced by many citizens of japan. Shinto is an polytheistic religion based on the respect of nature and good spirits called the Kami. Shinto means,"the way of the gods". The meaning come from two Chinese words - shin: meaning "good spirits" and toa: meaning "the way".

Japan's government was also different from many others, the emperors didn't have as much power as the clan leaders. Japan tried to copy China's examination system for government officials but failed.

Buddhism also became a well accepted practice for the Japanese people. The practice was accepted by Japanese emperors. Even though both Shintoism and Buddhism were well accepted, the people of japan managed to blend the two religions together. Creating Zen Buddhism.


During the mid 1000s the imperial government grew weak, regional landowners gained power, Japan became dangerous as the farmers were attacked by outlaws, pirates also began to raid the coasts and rival clans competed for power. Japan tumbled into many civil wars. In result to danger, the people of japan looked for protection. Japan started the feudal system as a result of the chaos. Farmers began to traded land with the daimyo. Whom stands under the emperor but above the samurai. The samurai serves the daimyo. The emperor had little power. The samurai were usually relatives or dependents of the daimyo, they also lived by a code of which demanded courage, loyalty and deity. The samurai were trained swordsman and horseback riders, who were also trained to use guns. The shogun held the actual power In the system, the shogun basically is themilitary's leader. The shogun controlled the government until 1867.
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Shintoism is a religion that was only practiced in japan. The religion has no holy book, or bible. Shintoism is based on the feelings of human beings toward the world around them. Shintoism is also based on the worship of nature, And good spirits called kami. The kami are powers or spirits loosely referred to as gods but are really an ordinary force. Kami live in shrines, which are places of peace and worship, birds, plants, mountains waterfalls. nature. Shintoism has three important symbols. A sword, which represents virtue of wisdom and correct action. A string of jewels which represents kindness and generosity. Last but not least, A mirror which represents truthfulness and reflection of all good and bad things, the Japanese believe one cannot live a good life without these basic virtues.

Japan and China's disputes

The one problem that has been over looked by many is the long lasting battle between china and japan. The battle may just building up to a breaking point sooner than we think. One would call the relationship between japan and China an stealth war. Today, japan and China represent the second and third largest economies in the world after the U.S. The dispute between japan and China effect trades and and both of their wealthy economies. A Chinese university's dean says that he has very little political trust in the two countries, I would like to believe many other citizens of japan and china feel remotely the same.

Tensions rose between the two countries last November when china claimed an air defense identification zone over islands in East China Sea. Conflict increased later on after that.