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Purchasing Coffee Tables

Here is a Handy Coffee Table Buying Guide

A coffee table is that low close to the ground table that usually is positioned in front of the sofa came to us from the Ottoman Empire. They have long since evolved from what you use to rest your coffee mug or other beverages on and some food into furniture that has both form and function, meaning these days a coffee table comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.

You should be aware that choosing the wrong table for your favorite coffee has the following negative effect on you:

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o It can throw the theme of your living room or the entire house off balance.

o It can make you send back that newly bought item in exchange for a new one.

o It can disappoint you, your family, and your guests and makes you spend another time and effort in hunting for a perfect table.

So here is a short handy guide in buying a coffee table:

o Style does matter and this can make or unmake your living room theme. For instance, the mission style table is a simple design that is perfect for the rustic theme or if you want a living room with a Victorian era feel to it, you can buy wrought iron coffee table with intricate vine leaves and flower design.

o The material the table is made of is another consideration as these days a coffee table can be made from virtually any material a designer can think of. Different kinds of wood, cast iron and wrought iron, treated or untreated glass, stones such as marble and graphite, and Lucite, which is some kind of plastic but is stronger.

In choosing according to material, choose something that grounds the theme of your living room or if you are brave choose a table in material that makes for a bold statement of your taste.

o Size matters as well as color in choosing a coffee table. Measure the size of the space where you're table will ultimately rest on, be sure there is enough room to walk around then choose a table that is the same height as the sofa and is 1/2 to 2/3 the length of the said furniture. As to color, this will depend on the material. As an example, there are a lot of wood stains you can choose for your wood table but in choosing the color think of the hues that your theme has so they don't clash.

o Consider safety too. For instance if you're living with young kids, you might forego the thought of buying a glass table as they have the tendency to break even if it's made from treated glass. Clear Lucite tables aren't a great choice too as a senior who has depth of perception problems might regularly accidentally bump on that furniture. A good choice for these types of people are round tables, so that there not dangerous corners to accidentally bump into.

o The purpose for buying a table to rest your coffee on should be thought of. Answer the following questions first: Are you in the market for one that allows you to save living room space through drawers and cabinets? Are you looking for a convertible table where you can dine, work, and play board games in comfort?

There are different kinds of coffee table for these purposes therefore evaluate your needs first.

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