Tiger- Panthera Tigris

Photo Credit : Tambako via Flickr

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Asian Tigers are Endangered

Tigers are mammals. There are eight subspecies of tiger. The scientific name of the tiger is "Panthera Tigris" .



  • Striped Cat
  • Reddish-orange to yellow-ocher coat with a white belly and black markings
  • The stripes are unique to each tiger
  • White spot back of the ear
  • White area above the eye which extends onto the cheeks


  • Different subspecies vary in their body size, coat color and markings
  • Individuals from different subspecies can not always be differentiated on the basis of their appearance alone
  • Has a carnivore Digestive system
  • Grabs food with its paws (For ex: Deer)


  • Tigers eat 30 pounds every day
  • Cubs cannot hunt until 18 months
  • Tigers are great swimmers


  • Mating season : Through out the year
  • female vocalizes to male more frequently when they are ready to breed


  • female gives birth to a litter of around two or three cubs after a four month gestation period


Food Chain

Above the tiger (prey)

  • Eats deer, wild pigs, wild cattle and even young rhinos and elephants
  • Eats various species that are two prey




  • found in forests of Tropical Asia
  • Require large areas with forest cover, water and suitable large ungulate prey such as deer and swine
  • They live in dens


  • Elevation : 4500 meters in Bhutan
  • Russian Far East and northeastern China ,Indochina north of the Malayan peninsula, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra , Indian sub-continent

Below is the Tigers range :

The above picture shows where tigers used to live. The light orange color represents where they lived in 1900, while the dark red represents where they lived in 1990. You can see how the range has become dramatically smaller over just 90 years.



  • The tiger grabs the animal in its forepaws.
  • Tiger slows, silent stalk until it is 30 to 35 feet from the selected prey animal
  • A tiger is success full only once in 10 to 20 hunts.


  • Tigers have a sense when their neighbors or people come to attack, so that's why they prefer to socialize and form a distance.



  • Tigers attacks on humans and livestock
  • Killing tigers illegally
  • Killing tigers for fur,teeth and medicine


How you can help

Why we should help the tiger:

  • Tigers are one of the endangered animals , if we don't try to save them we can loose the range of the tigers will decrease
  • because to decrease the range of the extinct species
  • tiger are the maintenance of large tracts of adjacent habitat

What is being done currently:

  • New forests are being created for tigers
  • Conservations in countries other than India.
  • Donating money at the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Center

What you can do:

"There are lots of people trying to help the tigers. It's really easy to, just follow these steps"

( Tigers Reference book)
Amur Tiger at Duisburg Zoo eating grass

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