Respiratory Nursing

by: Makenzie Cole

Work Environment

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Required Education

As a student in the Respiratory Therapy program at Concorde Career Colleges, you will gain the training and skills to help people breathe better. You will learn diagnostic testing procedures and treatments to improve breathing in newborns, drowning victims, and patients suffering from lung and heart conditions. You will also prepare to assist physicians in the diagnosis and management of cardiopulmonary deficiencies and abnormalities, and use equipment to measure lung function and monitor heart functions.

Institution Where Education Was Offered

Respiratory theorapist programs are designed to train students in providing therapeutic and life support services to patients. Students in repiratory therapist school learn to treat all kinds of patients such as infants having developing lungs as well as old patients with lung ailments. Also, providing emergency care to patients that have had a heart attack, stroke is also taught in these schools.

Document Statistics

The lack of understanding of the purpose of pulse oximetry may be indicative of a broader lack of understanding of medicine by both nurses and junior medical staff. The importance of education and re-education of hospital staff cannot be overstated.


With an average annual take-home pay of $57,200, respiratory therapists earn a salary comparable to other hospital workers. Radiologic technologists and physical therapist assistants make similar salaries. However, registered nurses and diagnostic medical, make roughly $10,000 more.

Why I Chose This Career

I chose this career because i've always wanted to do it. My mom is a nurse too, and she does labor and delivery, and i like what my mom does but i wanna do something different. i've always wanted to work in the medical field.