What's New in Room 182

Mrs. Peters' 3rd Grade * December 11, 2015

Lots to learn!

...This is still our theme with just 5 days left before Winter Break. Space "stations" and division were both new and exciting additions this week! We are looking forward to wrapping up several units of study and can't believe 2015 is coming to a close. Rest up for a busy week ahead!

Mrs. Peters

Thank you, Mrs. Wichterman!

What a surprise to have Bobbi Wichterman, Will's mom, stop in to read to us this morning! She taught us How to Be Perfect in Just 3 Days... Or, did she?? We were so curious, we just asked her to keep reading! I'm sure your 3rd grader will tell you all about it!!!

Don't forget to make us one of your New Year's Resolutions and come read to us in 2016!

More information and a sign-up page can be found here. We hope to see you, or someone special to your third grader, on one of our mystery days!

Focus on the Curriculum


  • Weekly Prefix: Un- (not, none)

Please make sure your student is completing their Matching Activity in their Learning Log on Monday night, so that they have plenty of time to learn their new words.

Also, they must complete five Spelling City activities at home (via web or free app) during the week to practice.

  • Steps in a Process

Have your student talk you through different projects this season. Do you have recipes to follow? Kits to assemble?


  • Chapter 7: Multidigit Multiplication and Division

We are wrapping up multiplying and dividing this week... for now! Students will have a test on Thursday on multiplying 1-digit numbers by 2- and 3-digit numbers.

PLEASE check in with your students with their multiplication tables. They should have them memorized. Using IXL, MobyMax, or www.multiplication.com as often as they can will produce great results!

Homework will be "Weekly Review #10", sent home Monday and due Friday.


  • Sun, Moon, & Stars
I cannot wait for students to tell you all about our culminating space project this week! I'm excited to learn a few new apps and programs, so they can really show what they know!


Phy. Ed. (Day 2) - Wednesday (Dec. 16) this week!

Don't forget your tennis shoes!

Library - Every Thursday

Remember to bring your books to return or renew.

Winter Celebration - Friday, Dec. 18

Thank you in advance for all of our families working hard to plan this event. Students will be rotating through stations with their friends from other 3rd grade classes this time. I know they are excited!!

3rd Grade Music Performance - Thursday, Jan. 14

More information to come.