A Good Day to All and Be Our Guest!

Cordially invited to Classroom 271

Tour of Classroom/Open House

Friday, Oct. 7th, 7pm

Jameston Middle School

At 712 Coogs Fair Hall st Houston, TX, 77217

Preview/What to Expect!

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We are all Life Long Learners!

Hello, Welcome All!

I am excited to invite to you all to Jameston Middle School, home of the great exciting Rabbits and your child/children!
My name is Jackson Jameson, and I am your child's/children's Sixth grade Mathematics teacher. I have been teaching at Jameston Middle School for two years and this year will be my third year. Students use cooperation, individualism, and collaboration to complete all the assignments they are given to their best levels. My teaching style uses imagery and manipulables to help students master the subject of math. I am glad and honored that I get the privilege of teaching your child/children my absolute favorite subject!

Road so Far

The class has finished two units. The first unit was on the topic of Ratios.
We discovered and students developed a conceptual understanding of what ratios were.
The students explored relationships within and between similar ratios and used the similarities to find missing values in ratio rules, tables, and charts.

The second unit was over the topic of Multi-digit computation and finding common factors and multiples.
Students were given extended knowledge of place value and operations to include decimals and multi-digit whole numbers. Students used factors and multiples to apply certain operations and find/solve equivalent expressions. Students learned about the distributive property and how it and common factors could be use to write examples of equivalent expressions.
Every student in my class amazes me with their learning styles! It has been very joyous teaching, learning from, and working with your child/children.

Plans/How it Will Go

On Friday October 7, the event starts at 7 o'clock at night. You may arrive before 7 or after 7, I will be there from before opening to a few minutes after closing. I am willing to talk to and get to know early arrivals and late arrivals. Your child in my class and yourself are the honored guest, but if you have other guest or children that have to come along, I welcome them into my classroom! I will have a game set for the adult guest and math manipulables set up for kids of most ages to interact with. When we first meet I will provide a smile, a handshake, and copies of the weekly progress reports I give the students to take home and get signed. After the meet and greet, after the games, parents are welcomed to ask me questions regarding their children, the school, classroom activities, classroom rules, how I do my grading, etc. When completed with the activities in my classroom, parents are more than welcomed to go their children's other wonderful teachers and meet and greet with them as well!

Plans for/Work on Friday Night

I have no reservations or time restrictions on arrivals! Parents are welcomed earlier than the set time or later than the set time. If you cannot make the evening time, parents are more than welcome to meet us earlier on the same day! As early as the times after the early dismissal. The wonderful school district plans early dismissals on Open House nights and Parent-Teacher Conference Days. I will be on the campus all day eagerly waiting to meet my students' guardians!
If Friday is absolutely just not a great day to meet for parents, parents are welcomed to call me so we can schedule another convenient time for one-on-one meeting or in a group meeting. I stay after school everyday Monday-Friday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Lastly, i enjoy and try to go to almost all of our Rabbit's sport games, so if need be, I would be willing to plan a meet and greet at those times!
My contact information is below for contact and I cannot wait to meet you:
Work: (281)-721-4321
Cell: (832)-217-2134

Parents, feel free to call my work number in the times before school and after school. For my cellphone number, feel free to call at a convenient time of your choosing and I will answer, or leave a message of when I can try to call back if the call is somehow missed!


It does not take a village to raise a child. It takes a nurturing family. This is a saying which never really clicked with me, and I like a bunch of different sayings. I do not like that this saying implies that a family is incapable of taking care of its own. The "village" should not be responsible for us or for the children from birth to death. I could see how the "village" could be just another way to say more government input in our lives! Parents are capable of raising their own children. Parents put more time, energy, and effort than any teacher, day-care provider, school, lobbyist, senator, etc. I would hope for parents that, no one else in the world cares as much they do. Parents should be the best authority to their own children. When children are involved, there is something that entitles everyone to give out unsolicited advice to parents. I would even go to say Parenting has become a fight against culture, against how everyone else thinks children should be raised. If you want to help a child, help a parent! What a child needs is unconditional love, love which usually comes from a family.



The saying speaks a certain truth. Unfortunately, not all children have the benefit of being raised with a family. Just like not all families are raising children, so the "village" raising does have a viable assets to some children. A "village" can help, if it supports the family. We make nice excuses for parental criticism - in the name of safety, or children's rights. It does take a village, to work with the family, to raise a child and weather some of the storms life throws people way. Making a community and being involved with people in your community makes the figurative village a prospect to helping the children. Together we stand, divided we fall. Cooperation is as important as competition, and there has to be cooperation with community (the village) and families.