Community Management Webinar

How To Effectively Moderate an Online Community

Richard Millington talks organizations through the process of moderating a community

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WHEN: January 24th

TIME: 9-10 AM, Pacific Standard Time

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Why You Should Watch

  • Hosted by a true expert in the field, Richard Millington. He's helped 100+ organizations develop successful communities. Clients like The United Nations, Novartis, Oracle, Greenpeace, Autodesk, and many more.
  • Richard approaches community management from the point of view of social science. He focuses on data that shows what actually works — not anecdotes and hunches.

In this webinar, Richard Millington will talk organizations through the process of moderating a community:

  • The principles behind effective community moderation
  • Why you should spend more time on keeping happy members happy rather than trying to appease antagonistic members
  • Shaping the right environment
  • How to initiate discussions and solicit contributions
  • Practical tips you can *immediately* implement to increase happiness in your community

For Ning customers — or anyone else

Ning is home to tens of thousands of communities that serve many millions of people every day. Every one of Ning’s customers shares the same task: Moderating member discussions and content.

Today, we know that moderation is about far more than removing the bad stuff. To better define the process, we got the guy who has a lot of smart answers: Richard Millington. The author of the new book Buzzing Communities, Richard tackles some of the most-asked questions about moderation and how to effectively run an online community. He’s an expert that hundreds of companies and thousands of readers rely on, either in direct consultation or as readers of his influential blog about community management, FeverBee.

Whether you’re a brand-new Ning customer, an old hand who needs some fresh tips, or a community manager who’s never even heard of Ning before but wouldn’t mind hearing from one of the top experts in the field — this webinar is for you.

A recording of the presentation will be available on our Vimeo page. If you can't make it, follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #NingTalk.

Richard Millington

Richard Millington is the founder of FeverBee, an online community consultancy, and The Pillar Summit, an exclusive course in Professional Community Management. Richard's clients have included the United Nations, The Global Fund, Novartis, Oracle, OECD, BAE Systems, AMDand several youth & entertainment brands. Richard is also the the author of the Online Community Manifesto. Check out his newest book, Buzzing Communities: How To Build Bigger, Better, And More Active Online Communities.

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