I Want That Job!

Marriage and Family Therapist

Job Description:

They provide goal-oriented counseling that focuses on the family and close relationships. Break bad family cycles and change behavior.

Annual salary or wages


Project Job Growth

Much faster than average (21% or more)

Companies that hire in this field

-Health Net-Kaiser Permanante -U.S. Army

Personality needed for this job

Good listener, analytiral, observant, caring, empathetic, patient, with outstanding communication skills.

How does this career benefit society

Benefits by having more families stay together. Then people would be happier, less drama. Children will grow up with both parents. Having a family can keep people off the streets.

One cool fact about this job

I would get to hear about other peoples crazy life styles. Help to change someones life for the better!

Education requirement and skills needed

Study: Biology, Chemisty, Algebra, Geomertry, English, Physiolody, Statistics, Foreign Languages. Need a Masters Degree in Counseling two years or 3,000 hours of Supervisel Clinical Experience.