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Reading in English for Amusement and Dialogue in Europe

The project started in September 2015 with the cooperation of six European countries with the aim of developing students' basic skills and promoting reading thus broading the participants' horizons.
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Our results of the 1st project year:

Setting up national and international project teams
Establishing collaborative and dissemination platforms
Introduction of participants, schools, towns and countries
Selection of project logo
Administering a questionnaire about students' reading habits
Conducting interviews with local libraries
Presenting our top 5 favourite books
Presentation on a classical and a contemporary author - compiling e-booklets
Getting acquainted with each other's national authors
Selection of, reading, working on and presentation of common reader
Creating activity bank and lesson plans during teacher training sessions
Compiling a quiz on the European Union (both in English and Hungarian), presenting partner's role and history within the EU
Continuously: informal language courses on online platforms : Edmodo, eTwinning and Facebook
Drama workshops for teachers and students
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