Technology at Lineville

Ryah Doyle

Typing Web

Typing Web is a online typing program.

It helped me type faster and with less mistakes.

There is also games to help with your typing speed.


On iTrailer you can add pictures to your video.

We had to make a video about our life on it.

There are a lot of effects on the app.

Career Locker

On Career you can look at job you might want in the future.

It helps find jobs based on what you like.

Career Locker showed me how i like to learn.

Haiku Deck

You can make a power point on Haiku Deck.

I did my project on a personal counselor.

It lets you have whatever background you want.

Explain Everything

You explain anything to other people with voice and drawings and pictures.

We did have some difficulties.

Over all its a really fun and helpful app.

Hour of Code

You learn about computer code while having fun at the same time.

There are a lot of fun games for all ages.

My favorite game was the frozen themed one.

Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette helped me to send a proper email.

We had to send Mrs. Meyers email and that what we graded on.

I learned alot of new things that i never did before when I sent a email.