Silent Retreat

A time to relax, recharge and renew with Glenn Loughrey

Need a break? Want some time to be alone with your thoughts? The Silent Retreat is for you.

From the moment you step onto the grounds of the Santateresa Spirituality Centre you can feel the silence and solitude enfold you. Over the next few uncluttered days you have the opportunity to enjoy being alive, exploring some of the big (and little) questions you may have, and engage with the spiritual through both group and individual spiritual practices.

Glenn Loughrey is an experienced retreat leader and spiritual director who is empowered by his commitment to silence and solitude.His approach is simple allowing you to explore your self, your world and your relationship with the Divine. His retreats are enjoyed by young and old alike.

Ask any one who has been and they will tell you what an important time this was for them!

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