Layers of Atmosphere

By: Bryson Griffin

Facts About the Atmosphere

Do you know the 5 different layers of the atmosphere? Well if you didn't they are the Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, and Exosphere. The Troposphere is about 10 kilometers in the air, it contains about half of Earth's atmosphere. The next layer is the Stratosphere. The Stratosphere is the second layer of Earth's atmosphere, it also contains the Ozone layer. Here are some facts about the top three layers of the atmosphere. The Mesosphere is 50-85 kilometers thick and it is the layer in which meteors burn up in. The next layer is the Thermosphere it extends from 85-640 kilometers thick and is the hottest layer in the atmosphere. The next and last layer is the Exosphere. Ranges from about 500-1000 to 10,000 kilometers thick and it is where Earth meets outer space.

Pictures of First Three Layers of Atmosphere

Ozone Layer & Video About Atmosphere

Ozone Layer

The Ozone layer is a region of Earth's Stratosphere that absorbs most of the Suns Ultra violent radiation. It contains high levels of ozone related to other parts of the atmosphere, although still very small relative to other gases in the Stratosphere.
Bill Nye The Science Guy on The Atmosphere (Full Clip)