By:Kristin, Jeffrey, Corey, Manny, Lathan

  • 1610

Thomas West, Lord Delaware, was made Governor of Virginia.

Henry Hudson discovers Hudson Bay.

  • 1611

Henry Hudson dies.

  • 1612

Captain John Smith writes A Map of Virginia.

The Dutch use Manhattan as a fur trading center.

Tobacco planted for the first time by English colonists in Virginia.

  • 1613

English Colonists in Virginia destroy the French settlements at Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

  • 1614

Sir Walter Raleigh writes The History of the World.

Pocahontas marries John Rolfe.

  • 1616

Sir Walter Raleigh released from the Tower of London.

John Rolfe and Pocahontas travel to England.

William Baffin discovers Baffin Bay while searching for a Northwest passage.

Captain John Smith writes A Description of New England.

A smallpox epidemic decimates the New England Native American population.

  • 1617

Sir Walter Raleigh sets sail for Guiana.

Pocahontas dies.

  • 1618

Sir Walter Raleigh returns to England and is executed.

  • 1619

The first representative colonial assembly, the House of Burgesses, was formed in Virginia.

First slaves in North America.