Scientific Fishing in the Summer

By: Neng Thao 9th hour

Summer Fun

The scientific thing I did this summer was fishing. My brother Mason and I went fishing. The great place for fishing Is the Oconto Dam. We went in July on a sunny day. We used a car to get to Oconto. The reason why we went fishing was because there was nothing to do.

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Large mouth bass eating a worm.

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Large bass eating a spinner bait.

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Connections to science

When I throw the bait in the water it makes ripples through out the water area that you hit because the bait is a disturbance in the water. The ripples create the waves that are mechanical waves. Another connection of fishing activity to science is when the weighted bait hits the water it sinks down to the bottom of the lake because of gravity. The heavier the bait is, the more gravity will pull the object down.

I Wonder

I wonder if the fish can sense the ripples under water? How can fish see through dirty water? How can sharks sense blood? Can fish smell?