Welcome Parents and Family!

Open House 2015

Who In The World is Teaching Your Child Anyway?

First and foremost I am a mom to my beautiful daughters Noelle (6) and Afton (3). My husband and I are both Hampton Roads locals and both teachers! I graduated from Old Dominion University in 2005 with a degree in History and Secondary Education. I am back at ODU earning my Masters in Education with an Endorsement in Library Sciences. I have been teaching in Norfolk Public Schools for 10 years...this marks year 11!



  • Have all supplies out and ready by the tardy bell
  • Complete Warm Up and Update Table of Contents at the beginning of the bell
  • Glue/Attach ALL assignments into your interactive notebook (no loose papers)
  • Collaborate, Cooperate, Communicate Kindly with others in the room
  • Raise your hand to ask a question or make a comment (no shout outs)
  • Pay attention to DUE DATES and Write Assignments into your AGENDA
  • Turn assignments in a timely manner (see above)
  • Produce work that you are proud of and want to display
  • Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and take risks to make you grow as a learner and a global citizen!

Gradebooks and Parentvue

  • It is week three and grades should be steadily coming through to Synergy. Each class should have a minimum of 3 grades in the gradebook by now...and they will just keep on coming!
  • Students do have the opportunity to turn in homework late if they have an excused absence or have extenuating circumstances.
  • If a student BOMBS a quiz or a test, they have the option to stay after school on Thursdays to make corrections...I take the better of two grades!
  • I do grade their interactive notebooks...I will spot check to see that they are keeping them organized...look for these grades right around test time.

Need to Get a Hold of Me? Here's How:

Email is the quickest way to get a message to me! I can email you back pretty quickly and in less than 24 hours unless it is over the weekend!

If you have questions or concerns...you can always shoot me a message for clarification on something! Glad to Help you and our students in any way I can.

6th Grade US History 1 Has Launched its First Project!

Ask your child about their first project...I am hoping for some really cool products to share with you in about a week's time! We will officially begin these projects tomorrow and into next week! :)

7th Grade will be launching a project very soon...I am in the planning process of this even as we speak!